As you sow so shall ye reap...

Galatians 6:7
Be not deceived;
God is not mocked:
for whatsoever a man sows,
that will they also reap.

This is a concise and powerful statement… that we literally reap what we sow.

The creator of everything, God, in His infinite wisdom, created the "laws of the universe"… and then He got out of the way and left those laws to work themselves out.

He is not interfering with every transaction. If He did, there would be no "law" and therefore God would not be "principle".

God and God's Will

If God is the creator and director of everything, or as Bill Wilson says: "God is either everything or He's nothing", then it is impossible for anything to happen in this world that is not God's will. There is nothing that is not of God.

God, the creator, has created a world with all kinds of things happening that are beyond man's ability of awareness and too big for man's intellect to comprehend… and they still operate perfectly.

God, the creator and director of everything, has created man, as He has created everything. Everything is in God's image… not just man, but definitely including man.

He obviously allows man to be happy, joyous and free with everything man needs to maintain the awareness of that fact. He obviously allows man to be miserable, to any variation or degree. He allows man to be happy or miserable regardless of mans outside circumstances.

The word "sin" came from the sport of archery. It means to "miss the mark". Any time I stray from the mark, the bull's eye, the absolute certainty that God has everything under control… I am "sinning" or in other words, I am going to feel some kind of disturbance.

In God's creation, all disturbances seem to be designed to cause a man to use his free-will to move away from whatever is disturbing him, or to move toward whatever will bring him comfort. The heat that a man feels from a warm stove will cause him to maintain the appropriate distance required from that heat to avoid having his flesh melt. The pain, in the form of "hundreds of forms of fear" is seemingly designed to cause me to move back toward God… the "bull's eye" on the sin target. The further away from the bull's eye, the more painful it will be.

Whenever a human being is experiencing fear, his instincts cause him to take appropriate self-centered actions to move away from the apparent cause of the fear. When the fear is induced by delusion, the self-centered actions that one chooses to take are often observed by others as insanity—provided the others are not sharing the same delusion. The more fear, the more insane the behavior becomes.

Mother Theresa once said that the hardest thing for her was to see God in some of his most disgusting disguises. This is an interesting statement to me. This presumes that she also agrees that there is nothing that is not God. This is a woman who went to some of the most sordid places on this planet to attempt to "nudge" people toward the light of hope. The things that she has seen, I'm sure I could not imagine due to the fact that I have always lived in one of the most resourceful countries on this planet. Even after witnessing all she has witnessed, she still believed that God Is Everything.

The God awareness that reveals itself in the heart seems only to reveal itself when I attempt to reveal it to others. Now I'm not powerful enough to reveal it to anyone else, but I do have the power to "nudge" someone else in the direction, on the path, but the path is theirs for the taking… I cannot force someone to take it. But when I attempt to nudge them in the direction of God, even when they don't walk in that direction—worst-case scenario—I nudge myself in that direction. I get God-dependant by serving man… I serve to love, and then I love to serve.

Childlike Confidence

A lot of us, when we were children, were taught that God was like a man: thought like a man, made decisions like a man and judged like a man. This idea of God works real well for children to get them to do their homework and go to bed on time. It also works real well for people who are trying to get others to conform or to behave in a particular manner.

If we did not teach our children this idea of God—that God is like a Father, which is the only thing the little mind can comprehend—it would be the equivalent of telling that child: You know when you're alone and afraid and there's no one there to help you? Tough! Suck it up! You're screwed! So I understand the need for teaching our children this concept. But the hope is that we're putting them on a path of learning and growing with God. This is where we typically fall short.

As we grow, our egos and intellects develop. A large percentage of us begin being attracted to things of the world. They appear that they will bring us happiness. Our childlike idea of God does not grow with us into a more adultlike idea of God, and in some cases, God begins to be put in the same category as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Occasionally, sometime in our adulthood, we realize that these things of the world aren't enough. I need something bigger to believe in to satisfy my yearning for a greater understanding of life and death.

Quite often this happens in the stage of life where we are first being "kicked from the nest" as they say. A college-age mentality. The questions that arise are along the lines of: Why am I here? Is there meaning to all of this? What's going to happen when this is over? Where did we come from before birth? Where are we going after death? Basically, we are searching...searching for answers, but more importantly, for direction.

Sometimes this need reveals itself when I have exhausted all of my attempts to wrest satisfaction from the pursuit of the things of the world.

Typically, we realize that we desire an understanding of God. The problem arises when the only God concept that I have to turn to is that childlike idea of God that I abandoned years ago. This dilemma brings to light the reality that I'm not a child, I don't see things as a child and I don't process information like a child.

If we have to believe in this childlike concept, we hold onto it for dear life and become immediately defensive whenever anyone questions it and sometimes are so afraid of being wrong and without an answer that we get violent in our attempts to be right… almost as if our mere existence depends on it and I will have to kill before I could possibly consider that there is more to God than I can understand with my intellect.

Sometimes I cannot believe in this childlike concept because it is the equivalent of asking me to believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus again.

If I don't find a concept that fills the emptiness in my soul, sooner or later, I will have to find some other form of relief. With the exception of one person sharing with another, all forms of relief that I have witnessed or experienced have one thing in common… they are all self-destructive. So service to others seems to me to be essential to my healthy self-preservation.

Helping others is part of my "Daily Bread". Just like I need to eat food, drink water, find shelter, breath air and sleep… I also need to help others. It should be just as simple to help others as it is to find shelter, drink water, eat, sleep and breath… but it is just as essential for my daily preservation.

The key, however, to realizing that I must help others is… How am I going to do this "effectively"? Without effectiveness, I will get frustrated and bored and then resign from trying anymore.

Time and Language

So let's presume that there is a creator and director of everything. This God has created everything from the beginning. He has created the planets and all the galaxies that man probably will never know of. He has created the energies that are so beyond man's capabilities of understanding intellectually, yet these energies still operate fine in God's plan, without man having to understand.

It seems to me that this God, the creator and director of everything, was the creator and director of everything, long before man was created or evolved, and will still be the creator and director of everything if man ever goes extinct.

Does it make sense, in any way, that this creator would really take seriously our man-made clock, calendar or languages of the intellect? In other words, it seems to me that these figments of man's collective imagination, the clock, calendar and language will also go extinct when man does, however God will still be the creator and director of everything.

I believe that man's creation of linear time and language are man's best attempt to describe something in intellectual terms that really cannot be described in intellectual terms. We come close enough for our purposes, but these terms or principles are too big.

We like to think that God's plan or God's creation changes because man makes a decision as to what it is or what he feels it should be… how incredibly self-righteous considering that God also created all the other mammals and forms of life.

I am aware of two different types of time… Kronos and Kairos.

Kairos… God's time. An ancient Greek word meaning the "right or opportune moment". It is used in theology to describe the qualitative form of time, the appointed time in the purpose of God, the time when God acts. The time when regiment or ceremony has intersected with Eternity.

In rhetoric it is a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved. People who live in Kairos time seem to manage well the circumstances which they encounter day by day, and who possess a judgment which is accurate in meeting occasions as they arise and rarely miss the expedient course of action.

I see Kairos time as… always "now" and always "forever". It is a moment that cannot be measured by man's linear time or Kronos time. It incorporates an experience where time doesn't seem to matter. It is so beautiful or so terrifying that I have it with me forever, even though it only really lasted a short moment.

Khronos or Chronos… Man's time. Time on the move, time as before and after, time as the future passing through the present and becoming the past. The root word for chronic, chronicle and chronology. An account of events through a sequence of time. The itemized, studied measurement of time. Its purpose is to give it identifiable shape and to gain imaginative and rational control over it. It is not only dimensional; it readily becomes demented. It does not truly exist.

The most accurate source we can use to give time identifiable shape is the relationship between the earth and the sun, but even that is not exact… we are constantly adjusting that measurement to correct our time with sun's obvious refusal to stay completely constant relative to man's intellect.

We measure chronos, we don't measure kairos. We don't ask someone, for example, "How much Christmas did you have?" We say "what sort of Christmas did you have?"

We use words, or language, in the same way… to give identifiable shape to what I'm thinking or feeling. We all know the language of the heart, the spirit of the message. I hardly ever remember what you say, but I almost always remember what you do. My words are of "man", however my heart is of God… my consistent actions will always follow my heart. Watch my actions not my words. Hear my heart, don't analyze my words. The heart has reason that reason knows nothing of. If all you can hear is the analytical words, you're missing the music. If you can't hear the music, you can't dance. The gift of life is in the dance.

Speaking of Christmas, Christ is the English term for the Greek word "khristos" meaning the anointed or chosen one. They say that "many are called, but few are chosen". I personally don't like the term chosen implying that God is doing the choosing… I believe that all are chosen… but very few chose back. To sow your life as Christ did, and to reap the benefits of that choice… you are anointed, you are the chosen one, and it is your birth-right to reap what you sow, the only question is " what are you sowing?" Are you sowing in man's time or in God's time?

Steve F.